An exciting move…

I grew up in a SMALL town. Population 450 and I graduated with 11 other classmates. I’ll give you some time to let that sink in…

I moved from that small, boring town as soon as I could after graduating from high school in 2003 and found myself in the big city of Austin, Texas. I would say that I adjusted quickly – who wouldn’t when you go from one small convenience store to any kind of take out one could imagine?

After being in the city for so long, my wife and I decided to purchase a piece of land. We were tired of living within “spitting distance” of our neighbors – and when we went from a house to apartment life, it only got worse. Our dog was getting older and needed a more fulfilling life (and to be honest, having a dog in an apartment is no walk in the park so to speak). Our kid loved the outdoors and wanted to set fire to everything in sight. The wife wanted chickens and to live off the land. And I have wanted a horse since before birth.

So in June of 2017 (on my birthday, might I add), we made the big move – along with the dog and four cats. The majority of our belongings from a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house went to storage and we kept what we had room for in our sleeps 8 / 1 (SMALL) bath RV – a temporary situation until we can get the land ready to put a house on.

This site is partially for our own personal use. It is a way to document where we started – a VERY overgrown 5+ acre lot – and all of our failures and successes to turn it into what will hopefully be a beautiful piece of land for our family to enjoy for years to come.

I also hope to impart some wisdom to those who may be thinking of making the same drastic move as we did. In the beginning, as we learn to navigate land and livestock owning and get used to not having as many amenities as the big city offers, I assume it will be purely for your entertainment purposes and will probably serve as a long list of “what-not-to-do’s”. I hope you enjoy!

**Sunset photo taken from our lot courtesy of The Incredible Kid in all of his amazingness